Policies and Guidelines

Mission Statement

MBI-Spokane Library’s purpose is to provide guidance, support and advocacy for the advancement of resources and services for our students, staff, and faculty; and to satisfy the curricular and informational needs of the programs offered. We support MBI’s mission to educate students to think biblically, live Christianly, and serve the church effectively.

Policies and Guidelines

Library Membership

Full-time, on-campus students, staff, and faculty

  • Maximum of 15 checkout items
  • Limit of one renewal per item (with some exceptions)
  • Full computer access
  • Interlibrary Loan privileges
  • Full access to online databases
  • Library membership active until association with Moody Bible Institute ends (cost included in school fees)

Alumni, students from other schools, area pastors

  • Maximum of 1 checkout item
  • Limit of one renewal per item (with some exceptions)
  • Limited computer access (laptops with guest login)
  • No Interlibrary Loan privileges
  • No access to online databases
  • Library membership must be renewed annually at the current year's rate (free).
  • Alumni will have continued access to the ATLA database.


  • Maximum of 1 checkout item
  • Limit of one renewal per item (with some exceptions)
  • Limited computer access (laptops with guest login)
  • No Interlibrary Loan privileges
  • No access to online databases
  • Library membership must be renewed annually at the current year's rate ($25).

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Loan Periods

3-Week Checkout

  • Main stack books

7-Day Checkout

  • DVDs
  • VHS
  • CDs
  • Audio Cassettes
  • Audio Books

3-Day Checkout

  • iPad Airs and iPad Minis
  • iPad keyboards

5-Hour Checkout

  • Reference books
  • Virtual Reality Gear for group use
  • Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones

3-Hour Checkout

  • Reserve materials

30-Minute Checkout

  • Virtual Reality Gear for individual use


  • Archives/Historical Room material
  • Newspapers
  • Journals and magazines

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Library Account

In order to access your account information, visit the Library catalog. Click on Login, then click on Create New Account to create your library catalog account. Type in your ID number into the Borrower ID field, and make sure you select Moody as your affiliated I-Share library. You will receive your account information via e-mail. The account will enable you to see your checked out items, items on request, any fines/printing charges and your personal information. You will also be able to renew books.

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A copy machine with scanning capability is located near the main library office.

  • Black/white copy = $0.05
  • Scanning = free (use e-mail address; copyright guidelines must be strictly observed)

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Overdue Fines

  • 3-week checkout: $0.10/day
  • 7-day checkout: $1.00/day
  • 3-day checkout: $1.00/day
  • 3-hour checkout: $0.25/hour

See "Loan Periods" for item checkout classification.


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Any item not returned 30 days past the due date is considered lost and incurs lost and processing fees. Lost fees are assessed according to item type for materials that are lost, damaged or unreturned and are charged to the library account. If the item is returned in good condition within 30 days of payment the replacement fee will be refunded, however the processing fee is non-refundable. Library privileges are suspended until all lost and processing fees are paid in full.

Books: $40 ($30 lost + $10 processing)

  • Books

Media/Music Items: $30 ($20 lost + $10 processing)

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • VHS tapes

Reference Books: $95 ($85 lost + $10 processing)

  • Atlases
  • Dictionaries
  • Oversize books
  • Reference collection books

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Noise and Quiet

Many people use the library for different purposes, but most people who visit the library would like to find an atmosphere that is conducive to study. Since the main library tends to be noisy because of the type of activities that must take place there, we have designated the reference room as the quiet study area. Talking should be kept to a minimum in the main library.

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Cell Phones

The sound setting on all cell phones and mobile devices must be set to silent or vibrate.

Due to the library's small, shared space, talking on cell phones in a reasonable voice is only permitted outside the library in the hallway.  Per library staff discretion, any patron talking loudly on their cell phone will be asked to finish their call elsewhere.

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2 desktops and 1 library catalog computer are located in the main library.  5 laptops are located in the reference room and may be checked out for 5 hours at a time.  3 iPad Airs and 2 iPad Minis may be checked out from the reference room for 3 hours at a time.  See iPad Checkout Policy and Laptop Checkout Policy.

The purpose of this computer policy is to insure the legal, moral, and ethical use of electronic resources* in the Moody libraries. The Computer Use Policy must be read and agreed to by anyone who is not a member of the Moody Bible Institute faculty, staff or student body, before using electronic resources in the Library.

Use of these resources is a privilege and not a right. Users of these resources must abide by the guidelines in this document, all existing federal and state laws (including those regarding computer resources), and current copyright laws. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in suspension of privileges.

Users are prohibited from:

  • Using Library computers or the Moody network to impair the operations of computers, terminals, peripherals or networks (i.e. computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms).
  • Using Library computers to commit crimes and other unethical acts.
  • Doing anything that will impair the operations of computers, terminals, peripherals or networks.
  • Running or installing a program which could result in the eventual damage to a file or computer system and/or the reproduction of itself such as computer viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.
  • Violating copyright laws and software licensing agreements.
  • Sending or storing fraudulent, harassing, or slanderous email. Email may not be used for advertising, sending unsolicited messages or "bulk" messages ("spamming"), and sending or receiving obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or offensive material.
  • using campus computers or network to access, store or transfer objectionable or inappropriate material.
  • Material sent or viewed on the Internet, via the World Wide Web, e-mail, diskettes, file transfer or any other electronic means that is not consistent with these standards is inappropriate and is not allowed.

Some examples of inappropriate content include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexually explicit, suggestive, offensive and obscene material.
  • Material that is harassing, slanderous and intended to threaten individuals or
  • Material that may be used to cheat, plagiarize or promote academic _________ 

Information Systems, under the direction of the Executive Cabinet, reserves the right to limit access to certain areas of the Internet that are of questionable nature and inconsistent with Moody's values and community standards. All users will be responsible for information stored and retrieved on these computers. 

Each visitor of the MBI-Spokane Library is responsible to abide by the above policies. Violators of this policy will be prohibited from using the library.

* Electronic resources include, but are not limited to, the Internet (World Wide Web, e-mail, chat rooms, discussion groups, bulletin boards, kiosks, etc.), CD-ROMs and general computer usage.

for specific guidelines.

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Food and Beverages

Food is allowed only in the main library if consumed responsibly. Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves, discarding trash in appropriate containers and notifying staff immediately of any spills.

Food is limited to meal replacements, snack or wrapped items which are consumed individually. No fast food or open plates of food are allowed.

Patrons with strong-smelling food may be asked to consume it outside the library.

No food of any kind is allowed in the reference library.  Patrons violating this rule may be asked to leave.

Beverages in lidded containers are allowed everywhere in the library.

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Interlibrary Loan

We will attempt to borrow materials from other libraries when we do not own or have access to a particular, desired title or journal article. The Moody Library provides this service to our students and employees only. Others are asked to use their local public library to get materials through Interlibrary Loan. Please allow several weeks for processing and shipping of material requests.

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Overdue Notices

Fines start accruing and notices are sent from the library when an item becomes overdue. These overdue notices are provided as a courtesy of the library only. Failure to receive a notice is not a valid excuse for neglecting to return library materials.

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Placing Holds

If the item you need is checked out and you wish to be notified of its return, a hold can be placed at the Circulation Desk. You will be notified when the book is returned, and the book will be held for 10 days, and media for 3 days, at the Circulation Desk.

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Reference Services

We have a wide variety of reference materials in the reference room across from the main library. Librarian staff is available to assist you in finding material and in developing good research questions and practices in either the main library or the reference room.  In addition, students may sign up for a one-on-one session with a Peer Research Mentor in the library (see a library staff member for more information). 

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One renewal is permitted for most items, as long as no one else has requested the item. Renewals will not be granted if another patron has placed a hold on the item. Call (509) 570-5930 or stop by the Circulation Desk to renew your books; you do not need to bring your books in with you to do this.

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Reserve Material

Materials reserved for use in a specific course may be checked out at the Circulation Desk in the reference room for 3 hours. When requesting reserve items, be prepared to tell the desk worker the author's name and the title of the book. Only 3 reserve items can be checked out a time. Reserve items can be renewed once, as long as no one else has requested the item. If items are late, they are $0.25 per hour (or part of hour) per item. Reserve items can be checked out overnight two hours before closing and are due back 1 hour after opening the next day the Library is open.

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Returning Materials

There are two book returns. One book drop is located across from HeBrews coffee shop on the first floor for convenient returns during both open and closed hours.  The other book drop is located right inside the main library.  Do not leave reserve items in the drop box during open hours; this will result in fines.  In addition, all Gonzaga books must be returned to their library.

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Gonzaga University Borrowing Agreement

Foley Center Library


(Holiday & break hours are posted on the library web page)

Monday-Thursday…………………...7:30am - 2:00am

Friday................................................7:30am - 9:00pm

Saturday………………………….10:00am - 6:00pm

Sunday………………………….10:00am - 2:00am

Library Use / Checkout Info:

  • A current Moody ID card must be presented at each transaction.
  • Up to 5 books may be checked out for 28 days and may be renewed up to two times.
  • Renewals may be made over the phone by calling (509)313-5803.
  • Books, CDs, and videos are to be returned by the drop box outside the library or directly to the circulation desk.
  • Any item checked out may be recalled after two weeks if needed by another borrower or by the Library. The person who has the item will be notified and given four days to return it.
  • Limited electronic database use in-house only with guest password.

Fines / Fees:

  • $0.25 per day per book up to 14 days overdue.
  • $10.00 fee for each book returned after 14 days overdue.
  • $60.00 minimum fee for each book not returned.
  • If an item is lost or damaged the cost of the item PLUS a $25 processing fee will be charged.
  • If fees are not paid by the end of school year, Gonzaga Fees will be placed on your Moody Student Account.

Location Info

6719 East Rutter Ave., Bldg. 68
Spokane, WA 99212

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