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Library Launches New Website

Sept. 1, 2015

For the fall 2016 school year, incoming freshmen won't be the only new addition to Moody Bible Institute. Moody's Library Services launched a newly redesigned website, including features to help students find research tools, class materials and media to aid their education.

Some of the new features include:

Database Finder: students can find academic journals and databases to help their research projects, based upon topic and library location.

Improved Search: find books in the library catalog, online resources and other materials with an easy-to-use search widget.

Location-Specific Navigation: learn about the services available at each of the Library's locations—Chicago, Michigan, Spokane and Online.

Research Help: get help from the experts, with more tips on how to search, links to free resources and a useful "Ask a Librarian" form.

While exploring the new website, students with feedback or questions should contact


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