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A - Z List of Electronic Journals

Use the A-Z list to locate journal articles, book reviews and other full-text holdings in our subscription databases.

Academic E-Book Collection (EBSCO)

Over 200,000 e-books (unlimited user access), including 17,000 religion titles, from leading university presses such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard, and many academic publishers such as Ashgate, Taylor & Francis, Sage, and John Wiley & Sons.  Subjects include religion, education, language arts and discipline, philosophy, social science, literary criticism, and performing arts.  New titles are regularly added to the collection.

Academic Search Complete (EBSCO)

Large multi-disciplinary database, of over 13,780 indexed and abstracted journals (9,000 full-text journals), with PDF content dating back as far as 1888.

Academic Video Online

Over 70,000 videos on subjects including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more.

ACLS Humanities Ebook Collection (HEB)

The American Council of Learned Societies Humanities Ebook Collection: 4700 titles in 40 humanities fields including religion, philosophy, linguistics, Jewish studies, history and literature.

African American Experience

Analyzes the contributions and challenges of African Americans throughout history across political, social, artistic, and literary contexts through over 8,000 articles, primary documents, and media.

American Antiquarian Society Periodicals (1684-1912)

Fifty thematic collections featuring digitized images of the pages of American magazines and journals not available from any other source. Themes include: Religion, History, Art and Women’s Studies.

American Indian Experience

Includes both the historical and contemporary practices of more than 150 Native American tribes across North America with more than 2,000 primary and secondary sources.

APA PsycArticles

APA PsycArticles, from the American Psychological Association (APA), is a definitive source of full-text, peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific articles in psychology. The database contains more than 100,000 articles from 59 journals—48 published by the American Psychological Association (APA) and 11 from allied organizations. It includes all journal articles, letters to the editor and errata from each journal. Coverage spans 1894 to present.

APA PsycInfo

APA PsycInfo, from the American Psychological Association (APA), contains over 4 million citations and summaries of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, books, and dissertations, all in psychology and related disciplines, dating as far back as the 1700s. Ninety-nine percent of the over 2,500 journals covered are peer-reviewed. Journal coverage spans the 19th century to the present, including international material in 29 languages.

APA PsycTests

Updated monthly, this repository for ready-to-use tests and measures from the APA features instruments that are relevant to psychology and related fields, such as psychiatry, education, medicine, business, social work and more.

International in scope, this resource provides access to thousands of actual test instruments, most of which are available for immediate download and use in teaching and research. APA PsycTests is an authoritative source of structured information about tests of interest to a variety of fields, and while focused on contemporary instances of test use, has coverage that spans more than a century.

APA PsycTests Includes: Tests that were originally developed for research and were not made commercially available; A growing selection of multilingual test instruments; Information about select tests that are available from commercial test publishers.

ArticleFirst (FirstSearch)

An index, from 1990 on, of articles from over 16,000 journals in the areas of business, humanities, medicine, popular culture, science, social sciences, and technology.

Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials

Offered through EBSCO Host; requires your my.moody username and password. "Atla Religion Database provides information on topics such as biblical studies, world religions, church history, and religion in social issues. Atla Religion Database contains more than 1.4 million bibliographic records and PDF and full text articles, covering the research literature of religion in over 60 languages. It includes more than 488,000 article citations from more than 1,500 journals (506 currently indexed), more than 215,000 essay citations from over 15,700 multi-author works, more than 446,000 book review citations. Coverage spans from 1949 to the present. This database is produced by the American Theological Library Association."

ATLA Serials (Alumni Access)

Provided as a special subscription for alumni from the American Theological Library Association, this database provides access for alumni to the full resources of the ATLA Religion Database, including full text access to the content of ATLA Serials.

Audiobook Collection

Downloadable Audiobooks from EBSCOhost. You must have a personalized account to download. Audiobooks are purchased by the library upon request. As of 2022 we have 75 audiobooks in the Religion & Philosophy and Self-Help categories.

Biblical Archaeology Society Archives

Online access to Biblical Archaeology Review, with full-text browsing of issues starting in 1985.

Black Studies in Video

Documentaries, interviews, and archival footage surveying the black experience. Includes 500 hours of film covering African American history, politics, art and culture, family structure, gender relationships, and social and economic issues.

Black Thought and Culture

1,303 sources with 1,210 authors, covering the non-fiction published works of leading African Americans.

Cambridge Journals

Access to subscribed journals from Cambridge Press. Subscribed journals include New Testament Studies and Scottish Journal of Theology. Cambridge Journals also includes many full text open-access resources.

Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology

Over 4,000 individual entries and more than 300 authors from over 30 countries writing on hymns of the Judaeo-Christian tradition from all the world's continents, regions and denominations.

Child Development & Adolescent Studies (EBSCO)

Current and historical literature related to growth and development of children through the age of 21. Includes all of the issues of Child Development Abstracts & Bibliography from 1927–2001, plus new coverage on child rights and welfare issues.

Christian Periodical Index (CPI)

The comprehensive electronic index to journal articles and book reviews from across the evangelical Christian perspective.

  • Indexes more than 160 publications
  • Covers major doctrinal positions within evangelical Christianity
  • Contains titles from a wide variety of disciplines that present a Christian viewpoint including science, literature, medicine, music, philosophy, history, sociology, nursing and education

Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle's website features the complete contents of the latest issue; daily news and advice columns; thousands of current job listings; articles published since September 1989; vibrant discussion forums; and career-building tools such as online CV management, salary databases and more.


Index of Latin American journals in the sciences and humanities.

Communication & Mass Media Complete

Provides the most robust, quality research solution in areas related to communication and mass media and provides an invaluable resource for students, researchers and educators interested in any and all aspects of communication and mass media.

Consumer Health Complete

Consumer Health Complete (CHC) is the single most comprehensive resource for consumer-oriented health content. It is designed to support the information needs of patients, and to foster an overall understanding of health-related topics.

Counseling and Therapy in Video

Counseling and Therapy in Video provides the largest and richest online collection of video available for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology and psychiatric counseling. The collection's wealth of video and multiplicity of perspectives allow students and scholars to see, experience and study counseling in ways never before possible. Over 2500 videos are contained within the database. More information on the content of this video collection can be found here.

Credo Online Reference Service

Over 600 titles with particular emphasis on encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and reference handbooks. Includes 25 Religion titles, 21 Philosophy titles, 33 Psychology titles, 17 Language and Linguistic titles, 21 Sociology titles.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works

A collection of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s major works, letters, and papers.

Digital Karl Barth Library

The Digital Karl Barth Library features Die kirchliche Dogmatik and its translation in English, The Church Dogmatics, in their entirety; Volumes 1-45 of Barth's Gesamtausgabe, seven additional works in German, and English translations of thirteen important texts by Barth.

Disability in the Modern World: History of a Social Movement

Primary sources, supporting materials, and video on disability history and disability studies, relating to history, media, the arts, political science, and education.

Ebook Collection

All EBSCO ebooks accessible to Moody students (over 230,000 titles; including "Academic eBook Collection" titles)

EBSCO Open Dissertations

Links to over 800,000 electronic dissertations from universities around the world, many of which are freely available online.

Electronic Collections Online

An OCLC collection of scholarly journals covering a wide variety of subjects.

Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception Online (EBR)

The encyclopedia contains the most current state of knowledge on the origins and development of the Bible in the canons within Judaism and Christianity. It documents the history of biblical reception, not only in Christian churches and the Jewish Diaspora, but also in Islam, other non-Western religious traditions and movements.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World

Provides information and statistics for all of the world's known living languages.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

15 titles in religion and philosophy, including Encyclopaedia Judaica, Aristotle, Hegel, Heidegger, Plato and Wollstonecraft.

Global Road Warrior

A comprehensive country-by-country cultural database featuring in-depth information on 175+ countries. Designed for international studies, cross cultural studies, language studies, and studying abroad programs.

Government Publishing Office

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) - the official, digital, secure resource for producing, procuring, cataloging, indexing, authenticating, disseminating, and preserving the official information products of the U.S. Government.

Greenwood Ebooks

Abortion: A Documentary and Reference Guide; Anti-Semitism: A History and Psychoanalysis of Contemporary Hatred; The Basics of Western Philosophy; Consistently Opposing Killing: From Abortion to Assisted Suicide, the Death Penalty, and War; Encyclopedia of Religious Revivals in America: Volumes 1 & 2; Essential Hinduism ; God in the Classroom: Religion and America's Public Schools; An Introduction to Judaic Thought and Rabbinic Literature; The Latter-Day Saint Experience in America; and The Protestant Experience in America.

Grey House & Salem Press

Collection of Grey House & Salem Press Titles: Critical Insights: Flannery O'Connor, Pride & Prejudice, The Metamorphosis; Great Events from History (10 titles); Great Lives from History (7 titles); Value of a Dollar; Working Americans (7 titles); Milestone Documents of World Religions, 2nd ed.

Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament

The third edition of Ludwig Koehler and Walter Baumgartner’s Hebrew dictionary, ‘The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament’, is widely acclaimed as the most up-to-date dictionary for the Old Testament and related literature in classical Hebrew and Aramaic. The dictionary contains the complete vocabulary of the Hebrew Bible, extended with variants from the Oriental and Samaritan textual traditions, the Ben Sira fragments, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Hermeneia: A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible

Hermeneia is designed to be a critical and historical commentary to the Bible without arbitrary limits in size or scope. It utilizes the full range of philological and historical tools, including textual criticism, the methods of the history of tradition, and the history of religion.

Historical Statistics of the United States

Historical Statistics of the United States has long been the standard source for quantitative indicators of American history.

Index to Jewish Periodicals

Index to Jewish Periodicals is the definitive index on Jewish history, activity and thought. This database provides a comprehensive guide to English-language articles, book reviews, and feature stories in more than 230 journals devoted to Jewish affairs.

IPA Source: International Phonetic Alphabet

The goal of IPA Source is to promote the comprehension and accurate pronunciation of foreign language texts in art song and opera in order that the singer may imbue each syllable with the appropriate emotional content.

JSTOR Arts & Sciences III Collection

JSTOR maintains a trusted archive of important scholarly journals, and provides access to these journals as widely as possible. JSTOR offers researchers the ability to retrieve high-resolution, scanned images of journal issues and pages as they were originally designed, printed and illustrated.

Latino American Experience

Explores the growing national identity that includes Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans, Cubans, Dominicans, Columbians, Ecuadorians, and other Latino peoples in the U.S. through the voices of Latino authors and contributors.

Literary Reference Center

A rich full-text EBSCO literary database covering all genres and timeframes. It includes thousands of synopses, critical essays, book reviews, literary journals and author biographies, plus full-text classic novels, short stories and poems.

Loeb Classical Library

The only existing series of books which, through original text and English translation, gives access to 1400 years of Greek and Latin literature, philosophy, history, travel, oratory and mathematics.

Mango Languages

From Spanish to Swahili, English to Icelandic, and Shakespeare to Shanhainese.  Includes Koine Greek (NT) and Biblical Hebrew (OT). Features film-based learning, and 17 ESL specialty courses.

MAS Ultra - School Edition

500 popular high school magazines covering a wide-range of subject areas including history, science, careers. 150,000 biographies. Hundreds of reference books (including the Columbia Encyclopedia and the CIA World Fact Book).

MasterFILE Premier

1,600 magazines, 450 reference books, 73,000 primary source documents, 1,500,000 photos, maps and flags, PDF backfiles to 1917.

MEDLINE Basic Search

Comprehensive coverage of the medicine, dentistry and nursing fields.

Michigan eLibrary

Databases offered through the Michigan Electronic Library. Using MEL Databases on campus requires no login. Off campus, you will be required to enter a valid Michigan driver's license number or state ID. "MeL databases contain full-text articles from magazines, journals and newspapers as well as digital books."

Military and Government Collection

Articles from over 400 journals on subjects relevant to all branches of the military and government.

MLA Handbook Plus

Provides online access to the 9th edition of the MLA Handbook. Also includes the "MLA Guide to Digital Literacy," the "MLA Guide to Undergraduate Research in Literature, and a video course on MLA style.

Modern Genocide: Understanding Causes and Consequences

Primary and secondary sources on 10 genocides. Includes discussions of human and civil rights issues via memoirs, narratives, and legal documents exploring the impact of genocide on individuals and societies.

Music Online: Classical Scores Library

Classical Scores Library serves as an integral resource for music students and faculty, encompassing all major classical musical genres and time periods from medieval to contemporary, for the study and analysis of more than 24,000 musical scores.

Music-In-Print Online

Provides one place to look for most published music in both instrumental as well as choral collections.

Naxos Music Library

An online listening library containing over 130,000 CD's with over 1,950,000 tracks of music. Naxos Music Library represents the largest collection of "studied music."

New Testament Abstracts

New Testament Abstracts Online is a product of a partnership between ATLA and Boston College. The database contains more than 46,000 article abstracts, over 1,600 review abstracts, 17,000 book abstracts, and 61 software abstracts. Each year an additional 2,000 articles from more than 500 periodicals in numerous languages are selected for inclusion. In addition, approximately 900 current books are also summarized annually. Article coverage in the database dates back to 1985.

Newspaper Source

Cover-to-cover full text for over 40 national (U.S.) and international newspapers and 315 regional (U.S.) newspapers, plus full-text television and radio news transcripts from CBS News, CNN, CNN International, FOX News, and NPR.

OCLC FirstSearch

Access to 13 databases provided by the Illinois State Library. Click on the "Databases" tab to see the full list of available databases.

Old Testament Abstracts

Old Testament Abstracts is a product of a partnership between ATLA and the Catholic Biblical Association. The database features indexing and abstracts for journal articles, monographs, multi-author works, and software related to Old Testament studies. Abstracts from over 450 journals are included. All abstracts are in English, regardless of the language of the original work. 

Topics covered include antiquities, archaeology, biblical theology, philology and much more. Coverage in the database dates back to 1978.

Open Access Digital Theological Library (OADTL)

High-quality content in religious studies and related disciplines from publisher websites, institutional repositories, scholarly societies, archives, and stable public domain collections, without regard for theological or confessional perspective. 

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Contains more than 700 titles covering issues of ethical and political debate and controversy, including civil rights, substance use and abuse, and the environment. New full-text periodical and newspaper articles are added every day.

Oxford Bibliographies - Biblical Studies

Provides authoritative bibliographies covering Ancient Near East, Bible, Early Christianity, Greco-Roman World, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Rabbinic Judaism, and Second Temple Judaism.

Oxford English Dictionary

Covers words from across the English-speaking world. Offers etymological analysis and variant spellings.

Oxford Handbooks Online - Religion, Psychology and Linguistics

OHO brings together leading scholars to discuss research and the latest thinking in a discipline.  Go to Oxford Handbooks Online, and click Religion to access over 60 handbooks and over 2,200 articles. Click Psychology to access over 160 handbooks and over 5,200 articles.  Click Linguistics to access 39 books and over 1,400 articles.

Oxford Music Online (Grove Music Online)

Includes Grove Music Online, Oxford Dictionary of Music, and Oxford Companion to Music

Oxford Reference

Search 40 titles, including encyclopedias of the Bible, diverse Christianities, other religions, Church history, art and literature, to dictionaries of the Classics, philosophy, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Oxford Research Encyclopedias

Religion articles cover Ancient Religion; Biblical Studies; Comparative Religions; Judaism and Jewish Studies; Religion and Art, Politics, and Science; Rituals, Practices, and Symbolism; Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology of Religion; Theology and Philosophy of Religion, and more. Linguistics articles cover Applied Linguistics, Biology of Language, Cognitive Science, History of Linguistics, Language Families/Areas/Contact, Morphology, Neurolinguistics, Phonetics/Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Semantics, Sign Languages, Sociolinguistics, Syntax, and more.

Oxford Scholarship Online: Religion

Select Religion as subject for over 1,800 full-text scholarly works on religion.

Oxford Very Short Introductions

Over 500 concise and original introductions to subjects in the disciplines of religion & philosophy, medicine & health, art & humanities, social science, science & mathematics, and law. Not simply a textbook of definitions, each volume provides trenchant and provocative--yet always balanced and complete--discussions of the central issues in a given topic.

Past Masters

Full text online access to: Aquinas--Collected Works ; Augustine--Works ; John Calvin--Works and Correspondence ; Soren Kierkegaard--Journals and Papers ; John Knox--Works ; Martin Luther: Works (55 volumes), Sermons (8 volumes) ;  Niccolo Machiavelli--Works ;  Michel de Montaigne--Complete Works ; Montesquieu--Complete Works ; Plotinus--Enneads ; Thomas Reid--Edinburgh Edition ; Francisco Suárez--Opera Omnia (Latin) ; Chauncey Wright--Works and Correspondence

Primary Search

Access to more than 50 popular magazines for elementary school research.

Professional Development Collection

Access to over 500 highly specialized journals for professional educators.

Project Muse

Project MUSE offers thousands of eBooks from some of the best academic publishers in the world, with no access restrictions for Moody users.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection

Over 2 million full-text dissertations and masters theses on humanities and social sciences from 1861 to the present - full-text searchable and including abstracts.

ProQuest e-Book Central (CARLI Collection)

The Illinois CARLI consortium provides access to over 3,800 academic e-book titles available through ProQuest. Books can be read online or downloaded for offline reading at a later time. Collection

The Collection includes more than 150 in-depth training videos from one of the counseling professions’ most respected video providers. All titles are created by and for psychotherapists and provide reliable, detailed instructions for serving diverse populations and therapeutic issues.

Religions of America (Gale)

Religions of America offers an extensive collection of primary sources on various religious communities in the United States.

Religious and Theological Abstracts

This database offers objective summaries of articles from a wide range of religious, biblical and theological journals.

Research in Ministry (RIM)

Research in Ministry (RIM) indexes and abstracts projects and theses from over 100 Doctor of Ministry (DMin), Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) and Doctor of Educational Ministry (DEdMin) programs accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS)RIM is a searchable database with entries for authors, titles, thesis/project advisors, schools, and ATLA subject headings.

Responsa Project

The Global Jewish Database (the Responsa Project) contains the world's largest electronic collection of Jewish texts in Hebrew ever recorded, which embody thousands of years of Jewish learning.

Routledge Handbooks Online - Religion

Comprehensive overviews of major world religions, key religious texts, inter-religious relations, important religious concepts and religions in historical and geographical context.

Sage E-Journal 2007 Deep Backfile Collection

Research tools, journal alerts, and online journal access information. Includes pay-per-view and free access.

SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO)

SocINDEX with Full Text covers sociology and related disciplines, including social work, gender studies, criminal justice, social psychology, racial studies, and religion. Includes access to over 900 full-text, peer reviewed journals.

Springer e-Books (CARLI Collection)

Provides researchers with access to millions of scientific documents from journals, books, series, protocols and reference works.

Teacher Reference Center

Teacher Reference Center provides indexing and abstracts of 280 of the most popular teacher and administrator journals and magazines to assist professional educators.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)

Digitized texts written in Greek from Homer (8 c. B.C.) to the fall of Byzantium in AD 1453 and beyond. The goal of TLG is to create a comprehensive digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present era. TLG research activities combine the traditional methodologies of philological and literary study with the most advanced features of information technology. Users will need to create an individual account before accessing the full corpus of TLG titles.

Women and Social Movements in the United States

The collection currently includes 116 document projects and archives with 4,700 documents and more than 160,000 pages of additional full-text documents, written by more than 2,450 primary authors.

World Christian Database

The World Christian Database provides comprehensive statistical information on world religions, Christian denominations, and people groups. Extensive data are available on over 9,000 Christian denominations, 13,000 ethnolinguistic peoples, as well as data on 5,000 cities, 3,000 provinces and 234 countries. Maintained by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

World Religions Database

Comprehensive Guides to the World’s Major Religions and Spiritual Traditions.  Includes 100 complete sacred texts, sacred music clips, videos, slideshows, maps, charts, and curriculum tools.


Worldcat provides access to a worldwide index of books, journals, web resources and other material cataloged by OCLC libraries worldwide. It is a great resource for discovering where you can find the resources (books, etc.) you are looking to use.

WorldCat Dissertations Basic Search

Fast and convenient access to the dissertations and theses available in OCLC member libraries. Many are available electronically, at no charge, directly from the publishing institution. Over 8 million records.


WorshipLibrary includes the full text of the Gold Medallion Award winning The Complete Library of Christian Worship, originally compiled and edited by Robert E. Webber, Th.D. In addition, over 600 contributing editors and writers are constantly expanding this collection with new texts and publications.

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