Placing I-Share Requests

Here are some things you should know about requesting library materials through I-Share:

I-Share is available to Illinois residents. This library sharing consortium gives you access to over 37 million items from 90 academic libraries in Illinois.

  1. Because materials are delivered by a state-wide courier system, most requested materials will arrive in 2 days. Some times, requests will take longer to fill, but generally, you should receive your requested item within two to three days.
  2. You will NOT receive a confirmation email when you place a request but you WILL receive an email once your requested item has arrived. An email will be sent to you informing you when your I-Share item is ready to be picked up.
  3. You can see the status of your requests by logging in to your library account.
  4. Normally, your requested items are delivered to the Crowell Library Circulation Desk, but you have the option of selecting any other I-Share library as the delivery location when you place the request.
  5. If you do not receive an email letting you know your book has arrived within 10 days, your request has been UNFILLED. Usually, when a request is unfilled, it is because all copies of the item you want are in use. When this happens:
    • Place another request for the same item in I-Share. Often, by the time you place another request for the item, a copy has become available and will then be delivered to you.
  6. I-Share materials belong to other libraries. Please take good care of them and return them promptly.
  7. You can request online renewals by logging in to your library account.
  8. With the library barcode on your Moody ID card, you can visit any of the 90 other I-Share libraries (like Wheaton or Trinity) and borrow materials from that library directly.
  9. You can also return I-Share materials at any I-Share member library as well. If you are closer to Wheaton when your I-Share item is due, you can drop it off at the Wheaton College library, and they will automatically route it back to the owning library.

If you have questions about requesting, using, or returning I-Share items, please email the Interlibrary Loan office at or call 312-329-2068.


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