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Moody Bible Institute provides information services and resources to students and faculty engaged in off-campus and distance education courses. The library is committed to serving this community of users with the resources and services that are essential for their academic needs, regardless of distance, location or learning venue.

Electronic Resources

MBI DL students have access to over 75 electronic resources, including online indexes, catalogs, eBooks, eJournals, databases of reference material, and scholarly articles. Some of the more popular resources include the following:

Research Assistance

For research and general library assistance, students are first encouraged to peruse our online guides, specifically the online guide Library Services for Moody Distance Learning Students. Also see the link to Tutorials and Online Guidance.


Services to MBIDL include reference, document delivery and interlibrary loan. MBIDL students and faculty are encouraged to first use the online databases listed above or their local public and community college libraries to fill their information needs. Please go through this checklist to determine what service will best meet your information need.

Students studying at a distance may also be eligible for additional services, such as services to students with disabilities.  Please visit Users with Disabilities for more information.

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