A Special Note About I-Share:

I-Share is a state tax-funded service, exclusively for the use of Illinois residents.  If you do not live in Illinois, it is unfortunately not available to you.  However, we have other excellent resources to help you in your research!

Borrowing from our Partner Libraries:

  • To discover if one of our partner theological libraries is near you, please check this map.
  • If you live near one of these partner libraries, you may use it as if it were your own!
    • You must show proof of your current enrollment at Moody Bible Institute.
    • Lending periods are determined by each participating library.
    • You are responsible for following local library policies and returning your books on time

How to use our free ILL service:

  • You may request an article, or a chapter of a book (which is not available through the Online Moody Library) to be sent to your email as a PDF. 
  • Please be sure to check the Library's online catalog and its journal search to see if the item you are about to request is already available at the library. We cannot request portions of books that are owned by our library, so if the one you need is currently checked out, please contact us at Ask a Librarian.
  • ·After submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation email.
    • From there, it can take from 1 to 3 weeks for you to hear back about your request.
    • If no libraries are able to lend the items that you have requested, you will be notified within those 3 weeks, informing you of this and asking if you require other resources.
    • Therefore, please understand that ILL is not useful as a last minute solution.  Please request your resources early!
    • Students may be limited to 10 ILL requests per week, depending on the current ILL workload.

Fill out the online form.

Please fill in all applicable fields on the form. If the information is not a perfect match for a field, go ahead and type whatever you have (they are open-text fields) to give us as much information to work with as possible.

We may not be able to fulfill your requests due to copyright restrictions. We can only fill one article request per patron per journal issue. Also, we cannot request more than five recently-published (within the past five years) articles from the same journal.

Please call (312.329.4138) or email, interlibraryloan@moody.edu, if you have any questions.

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