Appropriate Computer Use Policy

The purpose of this policy is to insure the legal, moral, and ethical use of electronic resources* in Moody Bible Institute's libraries. The Computer Use Policy must be read and agreed to by anyone wanting to use electronic resources in the Library.

Use of these resources is a privilege and not a right. Users of these resources must abide by the guidelines in this document, all existing federal and state laws (including those regarding computer resources), and current copyright laws. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in suspension of privileges.

Users are expected to:

  • Allow Moody students, faculty, and staff to use the public terminals when all other library computer facilities are busy.
  • Obey all posted signs, Library staff instructions, and the contents of all Library policies.

Users are prohibited from:

  • Using Library computers or the Moody network to impair the operations of computers, terminals, peripherals or networks (i.e. computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms)
  • Using Library computers to commit crimes and other unethical acts
  • Doing anything that will impair the operations of computers, terminals, peripherals or networks
  • Running or installing a program which could result in the eventual damage to a file or computer system, and/or the reproduction of itself, such as computer viruses, Trojan horses, and worms
  • Violating copyright laws and software licensing agreements
  • Sending or storing fraudulent, harassing, or slanderous email. Email may not be used for advertising, sending unsolicited messages or bulk messages (spamming), and sending or receiving obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or offensive material
  • Using campus computers or network to access, store or transfer objectionable or inappropriate material
  • Material sent or viewed on the Internet, e-mail, file transfer or any other electronic means is inconsistent with these standards is not allowed.

Some examples of inappropriate content include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexually explicit, suggestive, offensive and obscene material
  • Material that is harassing, slanderous and intended to threaten individuals
  • Material that may be used to cheat, plagiarize or promote academic dishonesty

Information Systems, under the direction of the Executive Cabinet, reserves the right to limit access to certain areas of the Internet that are of questionable nature and inconsistent with Moody's values and community standards. All users will be responsible for information stored and retrieved on these computers. 

Each visitor to a Moody Bible Institute library is responsible to abide by the above policies.

* Electronic resources include, but are not limited to, the Internet, e-mail, discussion groups, CD-ROMs and general computer usage.

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