Read these biographies of important figures in the history of Moody Bible Institute.

Bios - Culbertson
William Culbertson
Moody President from 1947–1971.

Bios - Dryer
Emma Dryer
Chicago educator who encouraged D.L. Moody to found the Institute.

Bios - Gray
James Gray
Moody President from 1904–1934.

Bios - Houghton
William Houghton
Moody President from 1934–1947.

Bios - McCormick
Cyrus H. McCormick
Inventor and industrialist and also known as the "Father of Modern Agriculture." His generous donations helped founding of Moody Bible Institute.

Bios - Sankey
Ira Sankey
Songwriter, musician and ministry partner of D.L. Moody.

Bios - Torrey
R.A. Torrey
Successor to D.L. Moody as president of the Institute (1899–1904).

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