Recorded Messages Policy

The Archives houses recorded messages and sermons given by a range of speakers at Chapels, Founder’s Weeks, and other events at Moody Bible Institute. These messages have been recorded on different media types including cassette tape, VHS tape, CD, and DVD and are housed in Archives storage and extended Archives storage in the Library Storage space. The Archives Assistant will be the gatekeeper of these messages, ensuring protocol for circulation is followed:

  • The patron must provide written permission from the speaker of the message.
  • The Archives Assistant will view the written permission provided by the patron.
  • A digital copy of the permission will be made by scanning, and the digital copy will be stored in the library's official files.
  • The chapel message will be provided for the patron, who will check it out following standard procedures.
  • When checked back in, the brown dot on the item cover will enable circulation desk assistants to route the message back to the Archives Assistant, who will then return the item to its assigned box in the Storage Room.

Before requesting a recording from the Library Archives, please check the Moody Audio archive online where the recording may be available and free to download.

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