Archives Visitor Policy

  • All visitors to the Crowell Library Archives must have either a Moody ID or a visitor ID obtained from any security desk on campus.
  • Archives visiting and research hours are available during the Archives Assistant’s working hours, which are typically during weekday business hours. All research appointments should be made at least two days in advance.
  • Some of the researchers who patronize the Archives come from great distances and at great expense. It is up to the discretion of the Archives staff if researchers will be allowed to stay past normal public hours or when staff is not readily available. If researchers make use of the historic room unaccompanied by Archives or Library staff, it is important to make sure the Archives office and Archives storage are locked in order to limit access to collections not already provided by staff.
  • The Archives restricts access to materials in order to be in compliance with FERPA section 4:
    • “Release of a student’s confidential information is generally not done by the Moody Bible Institute without the express written consent of the student. Exceptions to this statement include “Directory Information” and where otherwise permitted by FERPA. “Directory Information” includes the following, which may be released without the student’s consent: name, date of birth, gender, marital status, phone information, photograph, dates of attendance, enrollment status (including current enrollment, full-time/part-time, withdrawn, discontinued), classification, degree major or program, degrees earned, honors and awards received, and graduation date.”
  • The Archives restricts access to materials in order to maintain the integrity of restricted collections.
  • The Archives restricts access to materials in order to protect fragile and/or valuable items and to ensure order is maintained in the collection.

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