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Location: All TESOL/ESL books are shelved in the call number 428.24 in the classroom area at the south end of the Curriculum Lab. The textbooks are arranged alphabetically by publisher, and books in the other sections (Activities, Reference, Teaching) are arranged alphabetically by author. If there is an editor only or no author, they are arranged by title. 

TESOL journals are located on shelves in the southeast corner of the Lab next to the TESOL books. Sound and video recordings accompany some textbooks.


To support students in the TESOL major (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


The materials include dictionaries, handbooks, textbooks, ideas for activities, and books on the philosophy and methods of teaching a language. Audio cassettes accompany some textbooks and activity manuals. They are divided into four color-coded sections:

Reference (red)
Includes dictionaries and handbooks.

Teaching (blue)
Books that present teaching methods, discuss the philosophical and technical aspects of teaching and understanding language structure.

Activities (orange)
Songs, games, crafts and other ideas to use in teaching language.

Textbooks (green)
Books designed for students to use in learning to read and write or to become familiar with another culture.


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