Juvenile Collection Equipment

The online catalog and the Curriculum Lab website may be accessed through the Curriculum Lab computer, which is located across from the Circulation Desk at the entrance to the Lab.

Other equipment located in the lab include a paper cutter, a cassette tape player, magnetic chalkboard, chart stand, flannel boards, book easels, and the Accu-Cut® shape and letter cutting system.

The Accu-Cut® shape and letter cutting system includes over 100 different shaped dies that can be used for nametags, bulletin boards, game pieces and other creative activities. Craft kits (with colored markers, rubber stamps, etc.) are available at the Circulation Desk for 3-hour check out.

Construction paper may be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $.05 per sheet and stickers (on display on the Pamphlet shelves) are $.25 per sheet.

Click here for a list of Accu-Cut® Dies  available in the Curriculum Lab.


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