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Admittance to Crowell Library

MBI Affiliates -- Moody students, faculty, employees, or alumni (with valid alumni ID)

  • Admitted to the Library during all open hours
    • Immediate family members of MBI affiliates are admitted after 6:00 p.m. if accompanied by someone with a valid Moody ID
  • Do not need to sign in at Security Desk
  • Must display their Moody ID

I-Share Library Members -- Students, faculty and staff of another I-Share library

  • Admitted to the Library during all open hours
  • Must sign in at Sweeting Security Desk, presenting a government-issued photo ID and an I-Share barcoded library card
  • I-Share Library Members will be provided a Crowell Library Card to be displayed in the library
  • Must present I-Share barcoded library card to check out books

Library Card Holders -- Patrons who do not have a Moody-issued ID, but have applied for a library membership and have their Crowell Library card with them

  • Admitted to the Library during all open hours
  • Must sign in at Sweeting Security Desk, presenting a government-issued photo ID
  • Must display their Moody-issued Visitor ID and Crowell Library card

Visitors -- Patrons not affiliated with MBI and who do not have a Crowell Library card

  • Admitted to the Library from opening to 6:00 p.m.
  • Must sign in at Sweeting Security Desk, presenting a government-issued photo ID
  • Must display their Moody-issued Visitor ID
  • Conference and seminar attendees must obtain a Moody-issued Visitor ID.

Children -- Persons under the age of 16

  • Admitted to the Library during all open hours
  • Must be accompanied and supervised by an adult

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Cell Phones

All cell phones and mobile devices must be set to silent or vibrate.

Talking on cell phones in a reasonable voice is permitted on the first floor of the library, except in the Music/Media Lab and near the stairwell. Per library staff discretion, any patron talking loudly on their cell phone will be asked to finish their call outside the library.

Talking on cell phones is not permitted in any part of the lower level, including the restrooms.

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Check-out Periods and Fines

Archives     Non-circulating
Journals, Periodicals     Non-circulating
Main Stacks     28 days
Oversized     28 days
Pamphlets, Clippings     Non-circulating
Reference     Non-circulating
Juvenile Collection
Books      28 days
Media     7 days
Puppets     7 days
Curriculum Lab
Textbooks     28 days
Oversize & Manipulatives   3 days
TESOL & Ministry Books   28 days
Media Library
CDs (Music)     3 days
DVDs     3 days
VHS     3 days
Audiobooks     28 days
Music Library
MBI Recitals     Non-circulating
Reference Scores     Non-circulating
Scores     28 days
Students' Recitals     Non-circulating (in storage)
Reserves     3 hours
Craft Kits     3 hours
Headphones     1 day
Laptop Security Cables     1 days
Renewals For:
28 day check-out     3 renewals
7 day check-out     1 renewal
3 day check-out     1 renewal
3 hour check-out     No renewals
Lost Item Threshold
       All circulating items are considered lost
       when they reach the lost item threshold:
28 day check-out     29 days after the due date
7 day check-out     8 days after the due date
3 day check-out     8 days after the due date
3 hour check-out     3 days after the due date
All lost items will incur a $100 fine.

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Code of Conduct

The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago (the “Institute”) Crowell Library (the “Library”) provides access to its facilities to the students, faculty, and staff of the Institute, as well as to visitors to the Institute and to members of the general public (each, a “Patron”), in order to promote the use of library resources and to support teaching, learning, research, and study at the Institute.

The Library seeks to maintain an environment of respect for the worth and dignity of each individual that is conducive to teaching, learning, researching, studying, and conducting Institute business, and that is clean, comfortable, secure, safe, and free from all forms of harassment. Accordingly, all Patrons must observe all Library and Institute policies and procedures, including, without limitation, those contained in this Code of Conduct and/or posted in the Library.

  1. Each Patron’s Moody-issued badge must be prominently displayed at all times in compliance with Institute policy and will be closely monitored by Library staff. Please see the Library Admittance Policy for more information regarding admittance to Crowell Library.
  2. Only Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and in accordance with Moody’s Service Animal policy will be allowed in the library. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved through the Student Resource Center.
  3. The Institute is not responsible for the security of personal belongings brought into Library facilities. The Institute encourages Library Patrons to take every precaution to attend to the safety of their personal belongings and to remain alert to their immediate surroundings. The Library has no facilities to store personal property of Patrons, and the Institute takes no responsibility for theft, damage, or loss of personal property. The responsibility for theft, damage, or loss of personal belongings rests solely with the Patron.
  4. Patrons are expected to act responsibly, appropriately, and courteously and to treat all people and property with respect. Disrupting or interfering with the normal operations of the Library, or disturbing staff or other Library Patrons is prohibited. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to:
    • Harassing, abusing, threatening, or intimidating Library Patrons or staff through language or action
    • Engaging in conversation and behaviors in a manner that threatens the safety of others, damages property, or threatens to damage the property of others
    • Refusing to follow reasonable directives, either verbal or written, issued by Library staff, or obstructing Library staff from the carrying out of their assigned duties or responsibilities
    • Refusing to leave a Library facility at closing time, or as directed by Library staff or by other authorized Institute personnel, including, without limitation, Institute’s Department of Public Safety
    • Engaging in loud conversations or otherwise making excessive or disruptive noise that distracts other Patrons or Library staff
    • Eating outside of specifically designated areas
    • Loitering near the restrooms or in hallways
    • Performing personal grooming in public areas
    • Sleeping in the library

Anyone found to be in violation of any of these policies, or any other Institute policies, may lose their privileges to use the Library, may be subject to Institute-imposed discipline, and/or may be subject to criminal prosecution or other legal action, as appropriate, and Library staff will take appropriate action to remedy disruptive behavior, including, if necessary, notifying Institute’s Department of Public Safety and/or the Chicago Police Department.

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Collection Development Policy

This policy guides all Library staff involved in the collection development process. It is the Library’s master plan for building and maintaining its collections, and provides the Library’s users with clear and carefully described rationale for the Library’s collection goals and practices. For more information please see the current Library Collection Development Policy.

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Computer Lab

The computer lab is located on the lower level and is reserved for Moody Bible Institute students and employees. Printing is $0.05 per page. See the Computer Usage Policy for specific guidelines.

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A Digital Scanner is located on the lower level of the library near the Information Desk.

Copier/Scanner machines are located near the Circulation Desk on the first floor and near the Information Desk on the lower level. They can be operated with either coins or copy cards. Copy cards can be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $1.00.  Students may also use their fobs to pay for copies with pre-loaded payments through print.moody.edu

  • Black/white copy = $0.10
  • Color copy = $0.25
  • Scanning = free (must use @moody.edu e-mail address for the scanner/copiers)
  • Digital Scanner = free (can send to any email address; copyright guidelines must be strictly observed)

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Moody Bible Institute is committed to providing equitable access to information to all faculty, staff, students, and members of the MBI community. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), library staff will make good faith efforts to accommodate reasonable requests for assistance in obtaining, accessing, and making use of library resources, materials, and services.

Accommodations for each user with a disability or disabilities will be based on the individual’s needs.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Dr. Sam Murphy (email sam.murphy@moody.edu, phone 312-329-2177), Assistant Dean of Disability Support Services, in the Student Resource Center, located on the third floor of the Smith Building, regarding appropriate accommodations due to a permanent or temporary disability. Once the student has registered with the Student Resource Center and the Assistant Dean contacts the Crowell Library, a staff member from the Library will work with the student to determine which services fit best. We encourage patrons to make appointments for the services listed below.

Research Assistance

Users are encouraged to come to the Crowell Library for assistance in developing research strategy, locating relevant books and journals, and evaluating research materials. Librarians are available by appointment as well as at the Information Desk during weekdays and evenings. Appointments should be scheduled in advance. For more information and to schedule your appointment, complete the Ask a Librarian form.

Library hours can be accessed online at https://library.moody.edu/, or by calling 312-329-4136.


Retrieving Books from the Stacks

Users with disabilities may request assistance in retrieving materials from the stacks at the Circulation Desk (phone 312-329-4136) on the entry level of the Library or at the Information Desk (phone 312-329-4175) on the lower level. Students may also request assistance from Library employees engaged in re-shelving Library materials.

Circulating Materials

MBI students, faculty and staff may check out resources for four weeks and renew them three times, in order to use them with special reading equipment. Please contact the Circulation Supervisor at circulation@moody.edu, if resources are required beyond the standard checkout policy.

Copying Assistance

MBI students, faculty, and staff may bring Library materials (journals, books, microforms, etc.) to the Information Desk (phone 312-329-4175) for help with photocopying or scanning. Copies will be made for the user in accordance with copyright guidelines. Users are encouraged to plan ahead to avoid last-minute requests for this accommodation.

Telephone Requests

Patrons with disabilities may ask Library staff determine if a book, periodical or newspaper is on the shelf and ask that the item be retrieved and held for them (phone 312-329-4175).

Assistive Technology

A student who has self-identified with the Student Resource Center will have an account created to access the Kurzweil 3000 program. For more information about the Kurzweil 3000 program, please contact Assistant Dean of Disability Support Services Dr. Sam Murphy at the Student Resource Center on Smith 3 (email sam.murphy@moody.edu, phone 312-329-2177).. A large-print screen reader is located on the Library’s lower level.

Collection Development

If you know you will need Braille, audio, or other specialized Library materials, please notify us via Ask a Librarian. The ordering and processing can take up to six weeks. In addition, students may contact the Talking Book and Braille Service of the Illinois State Library by emailing Sharon Ruda, Director, at sruda@ilsos.gov, or phone 217-782-9435.

Library Elevators

For access to the lower level of the Library, the Circulation Desk Assistant or Public Safety Desk Worker will assist the patron with the elevator accommodation. All patrons exiting the Library must pass through the security gates. The patron using the elevator accommodation will be escorted by a Library worker to pass through the security gates.

Aisles, Furniture and Signage

Aisles and furniture in the Library are wheelchair-accessible. Room number signage can be read in Braille.

Evacuation Procedures

In the event of an emergency, Library users with disabilities should wait at the center stairwell for assistance. Emergency personnel will be clearing the building during an emergency and will be checking the stairwells.

For More Information

If you have questions or suggestions regarding Library services for Library users with disabilities, contact us via Ask a Librarian.

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Display Policy

Goals of Crowell Library Displays

The goals of displays in Crowell Library physical and digital space are as follows:

  • Inform patrons of Crowell Library resources and services, and facilitate their use
  • Advocate the diverse holdings and scholarly value of specific Crowell Library collections
  • Promote the role of the Crowell Library as central to the teaching and research initiatives of MBI

In accordance with the MBI Library Services Mission Statement, the Crowell Library staff provides service support for the various kinds of Crowell Library displays. The Library reserves the right at its sole discretion to approve or disapprove all display requests, to have final approval for the layout of the display, and to make all decisions regarding length of display duration, placement of the display within the Library, and content of publicity. 

Scheduled Resource Displays

The Library supports the MBI commitment to the worth and dignity of the individual and the value of the diverse cultures across the globe served by the Institute. For example, there are recurring scheduled displays of Library holdings that encourage the awareness and appreciation of global concerns, ecumenical perspectives, and ethnic/socioeconomic diversity. Each scheduled display will have a mission statement posted on the Library News page. This statement will express the goal of the display, the campus group requesting the display (if applicable), and the length of time for the display. The Public Services Head Librarian, in consultation with the Library Director, must approve all scheduled resource displays. Thirty days is required for approval. Displays will be placed by Library staff in order to accommodate physical safety considerations. Displays must be set up so as to accommodate disability access.

Archive Displays

Displays containing items from the Archives may be found in locations throughout the Library including but not limited to the Archives window display case, the outer wall of the spiral staircase, the group study room, and Sweeting 008. The displays highlight significant events in the life of D.L. Moody, the history of the Moody Bible Institute, and significant persons associated with D.L. Moody or MBI. Artifacts on display come from the collections housed in the Archives, and are selected to showcase the many diverse materials available to researchers.

Digital monitor displays

The digital monitors, located on the Library’s first floor and on the lower level, display messages limited to announcing Library events and recent acquisitions, encouraging circulation, educating patrons about Library services, and reminding patrons of Library policies. Library staff plan regular production of messages, and the concepts and content are submitted for approval by the Public Services Head Librarian.

Bulletin boards and wall/countertop postings

The various wall-mounted bulletin boards and wall and countertop postings inform patrons of Library resources, features, and rules. Library staff plan regular production of these displays, and the concepts and content are submitted for approval by the Public Services Head Librarian.


The LibGuides are created and hosted by the Moody Libraries to serve the academic and research needs of the faculty, staff, and students of Moody Bible Institute. Created by Moody Library staff with the frequent collaboration of other MBI Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), each LibGuide is a customizable framework that gathers resources in various formats, such as videos, tutorials, learning exercises, and links to external sources to facilitate the information-gathering needs of the Moody community. While individual LibGuides may be created to support specific courses, their design does not extend to mirroring content found on the Canvas learning management platform or in the course syllabus (for example, textbook lists).


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Food and Beverages

Food is allowed only in the first floor lobby of the Crowell Library, if consumed responsibly. Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves, discarding trash in appropriate containers and notifying staff immediately of any spills.

Food is limited to meal replacements, snack or wrapped items which are consumed individually. No fast food or open plates of food are allowed. The delivery of food to the library for library users is prohibited.

Patrons with strong-smelling food may be asked to consume it outside the library.

No food of any kind is allowed in the lower level of the library.  Patrons violating this rule may be asked to leave.

Beverages in lidded containers are allowed everywhere in the library.

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Interlibrary Loan

We will attempt to borrow materials from other libraries when we do not own or have access to a particular, desired title or journal article. The Moody Library provides this service to our students and employees only. Others are asked to use their local public library to get materials through Interlibrary Loan. Please allow several weeks for processing and shipping of material requests.

Moody Online students are encouraged to first initiate an ILL request through their local public or college library. If the material is unavailable through the local public or college library, then the material may be requested through the Crowell Library, by filling out the online Interlibrary Loan form. Two to three weeks should be allowed for receipt of books and photocopies of articles and book chapters. Books are loaned for one month and may be renewable.  Moody Online  students can find additional assistance at Request Materials.

Photocopies are free up to ten pages and then $.10 a page charged to the student’s library account. The library complies with Copyright Law 108g when filling ILL requests.

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Library Account

In order to access your account information, visit the Library catalog. Click "Sign in," then enter your Moody username (ex: jsmith@moody.edu) or your user ID if you are a community borrower.  The account will enable you to see your checked out items, items on request, any fees,  and your personal information. You will also be able to renew books and request books online from other I-Share libraries.

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Library Closing

The Circulation Desk closes 10 minutes before the rest of the library. All transactions must be completed by this time.

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Library Membership

Full-time, on-campus students and staff

  • Maximum of 25 checkout items
  • Limit of one renewal per item (with some exceptions)
  • Full computer access
  • Interlibrary Loan privileges
  • Full access to online databases
  • Library membership active until association with Moody Bible Institute ends (cost included in school fees)

Alumni, students from other schools, area pastors

  • Maximum of 10 checkout items
  • Limit of one renewal per item (with some exceptions)
  • Limited computer access (public computers only)
  • No Interlibrary Loan privileges
  • No access to online databases
  • Library membership must be renewed annually at the current year's rate. ($10)
  • Alumni will have continued access to the ATLA database.


  • Maximum of 3 checkout items
  • Limit of one renewal per item (with some exceptions)
  • Sign in at the Circulation Desk for use of the two public terminals. Use is restricted to one hour when others are waiting. Be prepared to show a photo I.D. or Library card.
  • See the Computer Usage Policy for specific guidelines.
  • No Interlibrary Loan privileges
  • No access to online databases
  • Library membership must be renewed annually at the current year's rate. ($25)


  • Maximum of 50 checkout items
  • Limit of one renewal per item (with some exceptions)
  • Full computer access
  • Interlibrary Loan privileges
  • Full access to online databases
  • Library membership active until association with Moody Bible Institute ends

Spouses of MBI Faculty, Students or Staff

  • Maximum of 10 checkout items
  • Limit of one renewal per item (with some exceptions)
  • Sign in at the Circulation Desk for use of the two public terminals. Use is restricted to one hour when others are waiting. Be prepared to show a photo I.D. or Library card.
  • See the Computer Usage Policy for specific guidelines.
  • No Interlibrary Loan or I-Share privileges
  • No access to online databases
  • Library membership active until the MBI Faculty, Student or Staff member’s association with Moody Bible Institute ends

Distance learning students

  • Maximum of 10 checkout items
  • Limit of one renewal per item (with some exceptions)
  • Full computer access
  • Interlibrary Loan privileges
  • Full access to online databases
  • Library membership must be renewed annually at the current year's rate ($10) 

Also see Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements

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Loan Periods

4-Week Checkout

  • Juvenile books
  • Main stack books
  • Music scores
  • Audiobooks
  • Oversize books

7-Day Checkout

  • Juvenile media: puppets and games

3-Day Checkout

  • Curriculum Lab materials with 3-day sticker
  • Juvenile CDs, DVDs, VHS, cassettes
  • DVDs and VHS
  • Audio CDs

3-Hour Checkout

  • Reserve materials
  • Craft kits


  • Curriculum Lab material (without 3-day sticker)
  • Archives/Historical Room material
  • Newspapers
  • Journals and magazines
  • Ready Reference items
  • Reference books
  • Storage Room material
  • Pamphlets

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Noise Policy

We have designated the lower level as a quiet study area.  Cell phones, study groups and conversations are welcome on the first (upper) floor of the library.

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Overdue Notices

Fines start accruing and notices are sent from the library when an item becomes overdue. These overdue notices are provided as a courtesy of the library only. Failure to receive a notice is not a valid excuse for neglecting to return library materials.

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Placing Holds

If the item you need is checked out and you wish to be notified of its return, a hold can be placed at the Circulation Desk. You will be notified when the book is returned, and the book will be held for 7 days, and media for 3 days, at the Circulation Desk.  We do not place holds on items in the Reserve Bookroom.

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Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements

  • ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement
    All currently-enrolled Chicago MBI or MTS or Moody Distance Learning students, Moody faculty and Moody staff can participate in the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) Reciprocal Borrowing Program. Locate the schools that participate on this map. At the participating library, prospective borrowers will be required to show proof of enrollment or faculty/staff identification, as required by the lending library. An advance call is recommended to determine what proof of enrollment is required. Borrowers may check out materials according to the borrowing policies determined by the lending library. In order to maintain reciprocal borrowing privileges borrowers must follow local library policies and return items in a timely fashion. Ask a librarian or consult the ATLA Guidelines for more information regarding the ATLA reciprocal borrowing program.
  • ACTS Reciprocal Borrowing Program
    All currently-enrolled Chicago MTS students, Moody faculty, and Moody staff are eligible to participate in the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS) reciprocal borrowing program. There are nine Chicago-area full member seminaries, and Moody Theological Seminary is an associate member. See the ACTS web site for library locations and hours. In order to borrow materials from an ACTS school, the prospective borrower must first register for ACTS with library staff, to receive an ACTS card. The ACTS card and one’s Moody ID card must be presented to the ACTS library in order to borrow items. Borrowers must follow the borrowing procedures of the lending library. See the ACTS circulation policy page for more information regarding ACTS reciprocal borrowing.
  • Wheaton College Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement
    Current students, faculty, and staff of Wheaton College and Moody Bible Institute have onsite reciprocal borrowing privileges from these institutions’ libraries. For these privileges to be extended, proof of current institutional affiliation must be presented.
    • Wheaton College and Moody Bible Institute faculty and staff should display an institutional identification card. Faculty and staff privileges must be renewed each academic year.
    • Wheaton College and Moody Bible Institute students should display an institutional identification card and a current course schedule. Student privileges must be renewed each semester (or quad/trimester).
    • Reciprocal privileges will not be extended to patrons with visitor, guest membership, alumnus, faculty emeritus, retiree, local clergy, or similar account status at the other institution’s library.
    Borrowing Privileges:
    All materials that normally circulate to each college’s community borrowers are available to reciprocal borrowers. A maximum of ten items may be checked out. Access to databases and other digital resources is subject to each library’s permissions.

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Reference Services

We have a wide variety of reference materials in the Reference Section on the lower level of the library. Librarians are available to assist you in finding material and in developing good research questions and practices at the Information Desk.

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One renewal is permitted for most items, as long as no one else has requested the item. Renewals will not be granted if another patron has placed a hold on the item. Call (312) 329-4136 or stop by the Circulation Desk to renew your books; you do not need to bring your books in with you to do this.

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Reserve Material

Materials reserved for use in a specific course may be checked out at the Circulation Desk for 3 hours. When requesting reserve items, be prepared to tell the desk worker the author's name and the title of the book. Only 3 reserve items can be checked out a time. Reserve items can be renewed once. If items are late, they are $0.25 per hour (or part of hour) per item. Reserve items can be checked out overnight two hours before closing and are due back 1 hour after opening the next day the Library is open.

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Returning Materials

There are two book returns at the Circulation Desk for use when the library is open. There is also a book drop in the northwest hallway of the Sweeting Center for convenient returns during both open and closed hours. Do not leave reserve items in the drop box during open hours; this will result in fines.  Please return all Reserve items directly to the Circulation Desk.

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