Torah Scroll Request

I have been trained in the proper handling of the scroll.*
I would like the Archivist or a Librarian present at the class.*
I would like the scroll brought to a separate classroom.*

Disclaimer and rules of usage

General Guidelines:

  • Professors wishing to use the scroll must fill out the Torah Scroll Request Form on the library website.
  • Please allow at least two business days before its intended use date.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the professor listing the designated library staff contact person, as well as the pick-up and drop-off time of the scroll (or the times that the viewing room will be unlocked and locked, in the event that a class will not remove the scroll from its stand).
  • Priority will be given to the first professor to request a specific timeslot.
  • Reasonable efforts will be made by the library staff to accommodate classes scheduled outside their regular work hours.
  • If the scroll is to be used in a classroom, it will be used in the Academic Learning Center of the Library, unless that space is in use by the Writing Center. In such instances, we will assist professors to book a room in the Sweeting Building.
  • Professors are required to instruct their students in appropriate and respectful use of the Torah. Classroom pictures may be taken at the discretion of each professor.
  • Professors may request the presence of a librarian in their classroom session, for instructional assistance.
  • Because the scroll is not kosher, gloves are not required when handling the scroll; however, anyone wishing to touch the scroll must have been trained by a librarian or a professor in the correct procedure before access is granted.

When the scroll is picked up:

  • The professor will meet with one of the designated library staff (Archivist, Theological Reference Librarian, or specified back-up), to transfer the scroll.
  • The designated library staff member will unlock the viewing room and hand over the scroll and its table-coverings to the professor, entering the transaction in the scroll check-in/out log.
  • The designated library staff member will ensure that the professor has received training in proper handling of the scroll within the last year.

When the scroll is returned:

  • The designated library staff member will make a physical check of the scroll, according to the Scroll Guardian Care Manual. (pages 23-32)
  • The designated library staff member will enter the transaction in the scroll check-in/out log and will stow the table-coverings.
  • The designated library staff member will return the scroll to the viewing room and lock the door.

Special Procedures:

  • Proposals for using the Torah for any extra-curricular purposes should be directed to the Provost Cabinet.
  • If a fire or lockdown drill should occur while the scroll is “checked out” to a professor, it is that professor’s responsibility to carry it out of the classroom and keep it safe. Responsibility for the scroll reverts back to the library when the scroll is “checked in.” Library staff will keep Public Safety apprised of the scroll’s location at all times.
I have read the disclaimer and rules of usage*

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